Reducing Waste

Our waste reduction strategy involves not only improving processes, equipment and materials to reduce waste generation, but also explores the beneficial use of waste and other residuals. Our ultimate goal is zero waste to landfill.

Operational and regulatory standards provide a framework to reduce waste generation and waste to landfills, and to divert more material to other beneficial uses. Our global “Waste Management Performance Standard” defines acceptable global waste-handling practices and uses Manufacturing Excellence principles to maximize efficiency and minimize waste.

As part of these standards, every site must identify, quantify and document all generated waste and associated hazards. All sites must reduce the amount of waste generated, ensure proper management and disposal of waste, and ensure we meet or exceed regulatory standards. 


Solid Waste

Vision 2020 Goal

Progress: 26% reduction in manufacturing waste to landfills

Stated Goal: Reduce manufacturing waste to landfills by 30% and ultimately to zero